Minisode 002 – Contrivance Q&A

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If you ever wanted to know how the podcast sausage is made, this episode is for you! We collected questions from our listeners and answered them in a special live Q&A session, which has been boiled down to this delightful nugget of a mini-sode. Join Britt and Andy to learn about the origins of Contrivance, how Britt finds new inventions, and why otters are the world’s best mystical water wieners.

If you’d like to watch the full, unedited video of our livestream, check it out here:

Episode 037 – Street Fighter Coffin

Why buy something reasonable or affordable when a ridiculously extravagant version is available? This week, Snark Tank has an all-access pass to excess. Gold-plated Ferraris for everyone!

Join Britt, Drew, and guest host Erica (Wily383) for a quick dive into a vault similar to, but legally distinct from, Scrooge McDuck’s.

00:52 – Intro
02:27 – Invention Q&A
08:02 – Trash Begets Trash 1
25:20 – Trash Begets Trash 2
36:05 – Trash Begets Trash 3
47:41 – Untitled Segment
52:06 – Drew’s Snack Corner
54:27 – Wrap-Up

This episode’s Trash Begets Trash features:

And check out our featured guest host online here:

Episode 035 – Telescoping Happy Dog Face

Beep boop! Is it a dog? Is it a spider flowerpot? Is it an armored mech suit? In this special robot-themed episode, it’s all three!

Join Britt, Drew, and guest host Derek to learn more.

00:39 – Intro
01:04 – Invention Q&A
06:57 – Trash Begets Trash 1
18:28 – Trash Begets Trash 2
28:59 – Trash Begets Trash 3
39:12 – Untitled Segment
43:46 – Drew’s Snack Corner
46:45 – Wrap-Up

This episode’s Trash Begets Trash:

Derek’s podcast, Rolling Misadventures
Rolling Misadventures CYOA episode

Episode 021 – A 90-Foot American Christmas

This week, Britt and Drew discuss the pitfalls of augmented reality, the mysterious “Sports” tile, star-spangled holiday decor, and heart-healing cushions that don’t vibrate nearly enough.

Time codes for our different segments:

  • 00:26 – Intro
  • 01:51 – Invention Q&A
  • 18:03 – Trash Begets Trash
  • 40:41 – Untitled Segment
  • 44:29 – Drew’s Snack Corner
  • 48:44 – Wrap-Up

It’s the American Flag!
Heal your own heart with Qoobo.

You can find the cat perch from Untitled Segment right over here on Amazon.

Thank you to Dance for the Dying for our absolute bop of a theme song, Thug Love. You can find more from Dance for the Dying on Spotify!