Minisode 002 – Contrivance Q&A

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If you ever wanted to know how the podcast sausage is made, this episode is for you! We collected questions from our listeners and answered them in a special live Q&A session, which has been boiled down to this delightful nugget of a mini-sode. Join Britt and Andy to learn about the origins of Contrivance, how Britt finds new inventions, and why otters are the world’s best mystical water wieners.

If you’d like to watch the full, unedited video of our livestream, check it out here:

Episode 039 – Showing Grandma the Drip

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Wanna show respect for the elderly while flexin on the haters? Need to know how to roll a perfect baby burrito?

Learn about this and more as Britt, Drew, and Hannah sample a melange of weird and wonderful inventions.

01:11 – Intro
01:31 – Invention Q&A
06:34 – Trash Begets Trash 1
20:13 – Trash Begets Trash 2
28:24 – Trash Begets Trash 3
37:00 – Untitled Segment
41:55 – Drew’s Snack Corner
45:35 – Wrap-Up

Check out Hannah’s podcast! It’s amazing, and so are the hosts!

And Britt’s very briefly trendy headset.

Episode 038 – Sexy VLOOKUPs

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Losing it a little bit from being stuck inside?

Don’t worry, the inventors of this week’s products have already lost it. Join Britt, Drew, and our guest host Eric for a jaunt through three more wonderful(?) inventions. And a special Eric’s Snack Corner featuring massage pizza!

00:37 – Intro
01:43 – Invention Q&A
08:25 – Trash Begets Trash 1
22:31 – Trash Begets Trash 2
30:57 – Trash Begets Trash 3
43:01 – Untitled Segment
47:14 – Drew’s Snack Corner
50:55 – Wrap-Up

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Episode 037 – Street Fighter Coffin

Why buy something reasonable or affordable when a ridiculously extravagant version is available? This week, Snark Tank has an all-access pass to excess. Gold-plated Ferraris for everyone!

Join Britt, Drew, and guest host Erica (Wily383) for a quick dive into a vault similar to, but legally distinct from, Scrooge McDuck’s.

00:52 – Intro
02:27 – Invention Q&A
08:02 – Trash Begets Trash 1
25:20 – Trash Begets Trash 2
36:05 – Trash Begets Trash 3
47:41 – Untitled Segment
52:06 – Drew’s Snack Corner
54:27 – Wrap-Up

This episode’s Trash Begets Trash features:

And check out our featured guest host online here:

Episode 036 – Desiccated Little Shrimp Boys

Toys! They may or may not come alive at night to fulfill their dark machinations, but there sure are a lot of weird ones. And for Snark Tank, weird things are child’s play!

Join Britt, Drew, and guest host Troy to learn things that cannot be unlearned about your favorite (and least favorite) childhood playthings.

01:26 – Intro
03:51 – Invention Q&A
09:37 – Trash Begets Trash 1
21:54 – Trash Begets Trash 2
33:10 – Trash Begets Trash 3
41:56 – Untitled Segment
47:59 – Drew’s Snack Corner
51:11 – Wrap-Up

Troy’s show, Better Left Podcast –

Episode 035 – Telescoping Happy Dog Face

Beep boop! Is it a dog? Is it a spider flowerpot? Is it an armored mech suit? In this special robot-themed episode, it’s all three!

Join Britt, Drew, and guest host Derek to learn more.

00:39 – Intro
01:04 – Invention Q&A
06:57 – Trash Begets Trash 1
18:28 – Trash Begets Trash 2
28:59 – Trash Begets Trash 3
39:12 – Untitled Segment
43:46 – Drew’s Snack Corner
46:45 – Wrap-Up

This episode’s Trash Begets Trash:

Derek’s podcast, Rolling Misadventures
Rolling Misadventures CYOA episode

Episode 034 – Just Plop It In

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Sick of dumb regular water? We gotchu. Dressed for the beach but don’t want to leave the house? No problem.

Join Britt, Drew, and guest host Tyler to learn more!

00:51 – Intro
01:47 – Invention Q&A
06:33 – Trash Begets Trash 1
23:41 – Trash Begets Trash 2
34:07 – Trash Begets Trash 3
47:48 – Untitled Segment
53:51 – Drew’s Snack Corner
57:17 – Wrap-Up

Alkaline Water –
Changing Poncho –
Privacy Pop –
(And Privacy Pop’s Horny Setup Video –

Check out Tyler’s podcast here –

Episode 033 – Shabu-Shabu Jazz Quartet

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Learn how to powergame your anxiety! In just minutes a day, you can shock yourself into deeply ingrained resentment and fear!

Join Britt, Drew, and our guest host Libi to learn more.

00:50 – Intro
01:09 – Invention Q&A
06:42 – Trash Begets Trash
42:32 – Untitled Segment
50:14 – Drew’s Snack Corner
57:23 – Wrap-Up

Relay Go
Shame Bracelet
Shrek the Musical

Episode 032 – Dad on the Loose

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Do you have what it takes to be a water soldier? Are you ready to start your career as a slipper salesman?
Join Britt, Drew, and Joel to find out!

00:44 – Intro
01:39 – Invention Q&A
06:19 – Trash Begets Trash
43:38 – Untitled Segment
48:20 – Drew’s Snack Corner
54:48 – Wrap-Up

Baby Doily:
Dad Slippers:
Battle Brella:

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Our theme music was provided by Dance for the Dying. Check out more from them on Spotify and iTunes!

Episode 031 – Dream Police Brutality

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Have we cracked the code for perfect pizza cutting? Have we perfected the Admiral Ackbar cosplay? Join Drew, Britt, and our guest host Aubrey to find out!

00:39 – Intro
02:17 – Invention Q&A
08:06 – Trash Begets Trash
54:15 – Untitled Segment
59:58 – Drew’s Snack Corner
1:03:34 – Wrap-Up

Check out this week’s inventions:
Pizza Scissors
Ostrich Pillow
Baby Mop

Check out more from Aubrey and the other members of the Podsitive Thoughts network!