Episode 017 – Dip Your Toe into the Wish Pool


How much does it cost to ship a Velcro strap? What’s the deal with that tall guy at Pete’s gym? Find out answers to these and all your other burning questions on this episode of Snark Tank!

In this episode, Drew, Britt, and Pete talk about all the industries we’ve slain, the importance of good copy, and corn…lots and lots of corn.

Time codes for our different segments:
Intro – 00:44
Trash Begets Trash – 09:10
Untitled Segment – 28:37
Wrap Up – 33:51

Here’s an album of all the fun Wish trash we looked at this week: https://imgur.com/a/w4UAF93

Thank you to Dance for the Dying for our absolute bop of a theme song, Thug Love. You can find more from Dance for the Dying on Spotify!

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