Episode 019 – The Eye of Meowron

In a world where Daniel Stern is a doofy husband with a robot butler… Join us for this and a journey into the acoustics of the uterus on this episode of Snark Tank!

In this episode, Drew, Britt, and guest host Pete talk about the armor class of pregnant bellies, how to embarrass cats, and baby bones.

Time codes for our different segments:
Intro – 00:15
Trash Begets Trash – 08:01
Untitled Segment – 43:47
Wrap Up – 50:50

Temi, Robo Butler: https://www.robotemi.com
Rock out with your baby…in?: https://babypod.net/en/
Cat humiliation: https://www.litter-robot.com/litter-robot-iii-open-air-with-connect.html

Thank you to Dance for the Dying for our absolute bop of a theme song, Thug Love. You can find more from Dance for the Dying on Spotify!

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