Episode 030 – A Puppet for the Onion Lobby

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Wanna hear Britt get eviscerated by a Better Homes and Gardens article? Do you have what it takes to beat your doppelganger in a soccer tournament? Join Britt, Drew, and our guest host Tracy to find out!

00:49 – Intro
01:03 – Invention Q&A
06:33 – Trash Begets Trash
37:45 – Untitled Segment
39:58 – Drew’s Snack Corner
42:05 – Wrap-Up

Fliz: http://bit.ly/2Scehw6
Bird Feeder: http://bit.ly/2txuTEv
Lazy Football Chair: http://bit.ly/2S53fsH

Check out Tracy’s many projects on Twitter:
Paper News Out Loud
Apotelesma Podcast
Wet Hot American Moon Juice
Scavengers Hunt
Thanks Fr Th Lrcs
The Tracy Herself

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