Episode 035 – Telescoping Happy Dog Face

Beep boop! Is it a dog? Is it a spider flowerpot? Is it an armored mech suit? In this special robot-themed episode, it’s all three!

Join Britt, Drew, and guest host Derek to learn more.

00:39 – Intro
01:04 – Invention Q&A
06:57 – Trash Begets Trash 1
18:28 – Trash Begets Trash 2
28:59 – Trash Begets Trash 3
39:12 – Untitled Segment
43:46 – Drew’s Snack Corner
46:45 – Wrap-Up

This episode’s Trash Begets Trash:

Derek’s podcast, Rolling Misadventures
Rolling Misadventures CYOA episode

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