Episode 036 – Desiccated Little Shrimp Boys

Toys! They may or may not come alive at night to fulfill their dark machinations, but there sure are a lot of weird ones. And for Snark Tank, weird things are child’s play!

Join Britt, Drew, and guest host Troy to learn things that cannot be unlearned about your favorite (and least favorite) childhood playthings.

01:26 – Intro
03:51 – Invention Q&A
09:37 – Trash Begets Trash 1
21:54 – Trash Begets Trash 2
33:10 – Trash Begets Trash 3
41:56 – Untitled Segment
47:59 – Drew’s Snack Corner
51:11 – Wrap-Up

Troy’s show, Better Left Podcast – http://bit.ly/2IBoXi6

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