Episode 037 – Street Fighter Coffin

Why buy something reasonable or affordable when a ridiculously extravagant version is available? This week, Snark Tank has an all-access pass to excess. Gold-plated Ferraris for everyone!

Join Britt, Drew, and guest host Erica (Wily383) for a quick dive into a vault similar to, but legally distinct from, Scrooge McDuck’s.

00:52 – Intro
02:27 – Invention Q&A
08:02 – Trash Begets Trash 1
25:20 – Trash Begets Trash 2
36:05 – Trash Begets Trash 3
47:41 – Untitled Segment
52:06 – Drew’s Snack Corner
54:27 – Wrap-Up

This episode’s Trash Begets Trash features:

And check out our featured guest host online here:

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